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Althea Systems is focused on building solutions that simplify online video discovery and consumption across multiple screens by stitching together latest technology, the brave new social web and good old common sense.




Co-founder, CEO

Kishore is a passionate geek who lives and thrives on social media. He single-handedly makes up for the Gen-Y deficiency in team Althea :^). He likes taking risks and has an abhorrence for the status quo.

He is determined to ride his bike on every road in India, build companies that dwarf GOOG, AAPL, CSCO, MSFT and give his best shot at attaining nirvana in this life. Having been a bully most of his life, he is showing signs of mellowing down after Milo started getting the better of him.

As the CEO, Kishore is responsible for setting the company's direction and product strategy, as well as running day to day operations.

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Vijaya Sagar

Co-founder, VP-Engineering

Sagar wonders why Dijkstra, Kernighan, Ritchie, Chomsky, Kafka, Wodehouse et.al., are not yet following him on Twitter. Someone in his close circles calls him a megalomaniac (rather unfairly).

He knows that one day he will make his billions, go off on a solo climb to his high-altitude Himalayan cave, sit there and craft a 42-complication tourbillon by hand, while listening to Indian classical music and smooth Jazz (at the same time). But, when will he complete writing that master key to Hopcroft & Ullman's thriller?

At Althea, Sagar runs engineering on the principle that only with exquisite attention to both form and function, can great products be built.

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Co-founder, Business

Rajnish is a fan of Jerry Maguire's "show me the money". In his 16 year career, Rajnish has been associated with companies that are #1 in their respective fields of operation - Microsoft, ESPN, Times of India and AMUL. This association has rubbed off on him and he is now obesessed with building the world's #1 online video company.

In his free time Rajnish is trying to complete a magnum opus titled "rain, fire, earth and wind" which he thinks will win him a Booker prize at-least. He runs at Ulsoor Lake every weekend and is falling in love with Yoga (he is already a Zen Master).

At Althea Systems, Rajnish drives consumer marketing, monetization, business strategy and biz dev.

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Amrit Pal Singh

Developer/Hacker - Anything

Amrit is a man of few words. He is a video game junkie who dreams to be a Billionaire one day.

He plans to start a restaurant in Bangalore just to show the city what authentic North Indian Food really means. He is a fitness enthusiast and loves doing his Yoga. Amrit's long standing desires include flying a Sukhoi and sky diving.

As employee number 007 at Althea, he is on a mission to build the World's Coolest Online Video App. He loves working on RIAs and feels it's the most exciting work he has done till now.

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Sarala V

Bug Detective

Sarala (sanskrit for simple) tries to stay true to her name. She claims she was an athlete and loves to play outdoor games such as Sudoku! When indoors, she plays the harmonium.

Sarala dreams of backpacking to Africa and enjoying its natural beauty from atop a tree house. For now, she spends her free time gardening.

At Althea, sniffing out bugs in the world's coolest app is giving her the thrills (if she hasn't put them in herself).

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Manager - Operations

Murali loves his farming. So, he decided to join the next big thing on the web!

At Althea, except for writing code (sigh), Murali ensures everything else gets done.





Developer - fruitOS

Praveen fell in love with programming soon after college and hasn't understood what the word 'work' means.

Praveen is inspired by Apple design & loves following cricket (be it international or street-side!). He is a big fan of Calvin (& Hobbes), Tendulkar, Federer & Maradona (in that order).

He felt he was getting rusty working at big companies. So, he decided to join an exciting young startup.

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Rajasingh Samuel

Fun loving developer, wannabe UX analyst

Sam took to the babbage engine for Age of Empires II and ended up writing code for a living. This paladin often hits the weekend road for long drives on his 1000cc charriot.

When he is not hanging out with buddies on Brigade Road, he is busy following trends in mobile & web techs.

At Althea, his main job is to get browsers to behave with our apps.

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Resident van Gogh

Sreejith can photoshop a mouthwatering bowl of curry. And eat it too.

A man of many hobbies, from watching horror movies to dancing & gold smithy. When you see him work in his silence, you will know why Gandhiji is one of his role models.

At Althea, Sreejith pulls ideas out of his teammates' minds and turns them into colourful canvases.





Algorithmist, Jr.

Sravan is calm & reserved. Probably because he is preoccupied with strategies for AOE, NFS and Counter Strike.

Amongst the youngest of our tribe, he brings in a much needed skill to Team Althea ('can watch the same movie over 20 times, hey!').

At work, Sravan mines deep into large heaps of data and extracts interesting patterns.

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Developer on a mission

Rutika adds to the list of introverts in our team.

Nibbles a bit of lunch but claims she is a foodie (btw, she loves Pacman). A travel bug who likes comics and animated movies. She says, "While I'm earning my daily bread I want to share a slice with the less fortunate."

At Althea, Rutika can be spotted hacking our web/Facebook Rails apps, puppet'ing boxes on the cloud and playing with social data firehoses.

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Developer - Rails by the beach

Smita makes a hard living, coding from the pristine sandy shores of the Goan sea. One of her key challenges is ensuring that her Macbook doesn't get washed away by the waves while she's sipping some tender coconut water.

In spite of her fearsome reputation as a relentless task master, we go to her looking for help with Ruby on Rails, cloud deployment, continuous integration, Git(!) and Puppet(!!)





The Interaction Designer

Gaurang loves to explore experimental interaction design. Table tennis for instance, has a lot of interaction. Ergo, he loves it. If you ever see a backpacker mixing design with wistful childhood tales of the Uttaranchal mountains, you've seen the man.

Gaurang believes in creating meaningful relationships between people and the products & services they use. His passion for design can be summed up with this quote of Steve Jobs: "We're here to put a dent in the universe. Otherwise why else even be here?"





Platform Performance Enforcer

Rajesh joined us after getting a written assurance that we will put up bunker beds in the office. He had already checked out if we had enough PS3 game titles of his liking. Right now, he is campaigning for stocking up the cafeteria fridge with Soya milk and exotic fruits. And yes, it is generally advised not to get into a mortal combat with him on the topic of Rajni.

If you know what he does at work, please fill up this section.





Bug Detective Jr. & Pro-am Lensman

Vijay is a sharp shooter. His heavy carbine SLR is a much feared regular at all the parties he is accidentally invited to. He threatens us with a promise that he will be starting a photo blog on our pages soon.

Althea is his first workplace and he seems to be having more fun than here than in his college. Why else would anyone live his nights out at the office, hacking validation suites one hand and iOS app development on the other ?

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Apps Dev aka The Swiss Knife

Sharad - bespectacled, studious and innocent - betrayed very little of his wild side during his internship with us. The day after he joined us full time, we found out that he is an anime addict, sets some real heavy metal for his phone ring tones and has a thing for bizarre gmail themes.

At Althea, Sharad is pulling off neat tricks on our Android, iOS and Windows8 apps. Oh, BTW, he is one of our MapReduce hackers too.

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The Product Designer

Any one who has seen Rohan has seen a monk who sold his Yezdi. He is now eyeing some super bikes, that'd go with his meditative mood.

Rohan is a rare breed designer, for the app developers who work with him say he 'gets' their pain and creates UI/UX design experiences that are actually feasible to translate into some real code :)





Principal Orchestrator - Projects

Kiran is a gentleman's gentleman. And a tech guy at heart with a thorough and methodical mind. He reads; a lot.

At Althea, Kiran constantly strives to bring sanity and discipline to our projects. And the team says it surely does help to have a manager who can walk the geek talk. Call that a win-win :)




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