Party Time @ Shufflr

With millions of users taking to Shufflr, these are hard partying times for our team who brought social video discovery to iPhone, iPad, Android, Facebook and Windows8 (our latest addition to the line up).

But what do a bunch of code-nerds looking for some fresh piece of action do, when you ask them to have lots of fun, day after day? Exactly. We start thinking, “Can we start fixing things that aren’t broken?. Or, can we put Shufflr on a wrist watch? Should we hide a flight simulator inside Shufflr as an Easter egg? Or, may be, we should just create an ASCII text version of Shufflr that can be shown on an xterm over a command line interface. …”


Late Into The Night

(We had been hearing rumours about the Ultrabook and its evil features, but we also heard there’s a “we’d tell you, but we’ll have to kill you” sort of secrecy around it. If we had one, we’d unleash Shufflr on it and watch the fun.)

The phone rings. Bob@Intel says, ‘Hey Guys, We are doing this ultimate coder challenge thing. Interested?’. (Of course, Yessss! ‘No challenge shall go untaken’, is our motto). But Bob goes on, ‘… We will ship you an Ultrabook …’. Somewhere around this time, we stopped listening and broke into ear-to-ear grins.


End Of The Wait

The much awaited message landed in our inbox a couple of days back. We quickly spoke to the contact at Intel Bangalore and found that he can ship us the package right away, but it would take a few more days for it to reach us. Hey! We are just a half an hour away in the same city!!


Mission: TopSecret

So, we drove down to the Intel office, tried convincing their security guards of our top secret mission (the guards need DNA samples for letting in unexpected visitors!), gained entry jumping over the barbed wired wall, stepped around numerous surveillance cameras, met our contact in a dim corridor, took the delivery, quickly eyed the contents, shook hands and made a double quick exit.

Oh yes, we must tell you this: We had to speak out a memorised 11-character alpha numeric passcode to the Intel man, to lay our hands on the package (yes, real life meets spy movie stuff).


The Unboxing

Praveen says, "It's a laptop. It's a notebook. It's an Ultrabook!"

Praveen says, "It's a laptop. It's a notebook. It's an Ultrabook!"


Oohs, Aahs & Hmmms

The Ultrabook is powered up and everyone in the office wants to get their hands on it. In spite of it being a ‘pre-release’ hardware with a blemish here and there, our team mates are liking its sleek design, drawing inevitable comparisons with MacBook Air, eagerly enquiring the price, expressing surprise that it sports a touch screen which goes well with the bundled Windows8 Metro UI … It has been a while since we’ve seen such excitement over a piece of hardware – which is saying a lot for the gadget geeks we are.

So, what’s next? We will start off on a Shufflr design for Ultrabook. Interesting ideas are already floating around, about making the Shufflr-Ultrabook experience special. Time to go to the drawing board.


Hello, Challengers

  • Here’s a hello and good luck to our fellow contestants – Lee, John, George & Suresh, Shailesh and Andreas. With mandatory pleasantries exchanged, just about the right time to call you all to a fight-with-all-your-might-to-the-end. As they say, it is a big, bad world out there.
  • Dear Judges: Do the contest rules allow us to pause here for a moment to say it aloud that, your photos on the contest site are a lot cooler than all of us contestants’ ? Oh, well … ;^)
  • And finally, a big shout out to Bob & Co for putting this contest up and inviting us.


– sAgar, signing off for the folks @ Shufflr.