Working @ Althea

Working in a startup is a great way to lead your life. We are aggressive & young; working with us will be exhilarating. We have a few open positions. Write to us at


App devs

App devs

[ 2 ~ 5 yrs ]

You will work with our folks who create rich web video apps such as Shufflr. You must be at total ease with one/more of HTML5+JS+CSS, iOS and Android SDKs. A fanatic appreciation for beauty in visual design is a pre-requisite.


Ruby / Rails Hackers

Ruby / Rails Hackers

[ 1 ~ 5 yrs ]

You will join the team that powers ShuffleFeed - our social web video discovery platform. While LAMP is fine for survival, your tool box must include Cassandra, memcached, Redis, puppet/chef and your own hand made gems & plugins (give us your Github profile link). BTW, if you roll it in Python or Scala, we will be equally excited.


Data mining algorithmists

Data mining algorithmists

[ 3 ~ 5 yrs ]

You must have a detailed exposure to few/more computing fields such as information theory, statistics, probability, data mining, pattern recognition, AI and adaptive control. You should be able to translate your theoretical knowledge into practical systems that address areas including but not limited to video/people recommendations, associations and search relevance.


Althea Labs

SkunkWorks (aka Althea Labs)

[ 0 ~ 5 yrs ]

You will work with a high degree of autonomy and be tasked to work on secret projects (that may not see the light of day!). You should have an insatiable curiosity to explore and understand new things (concepts, cool techs ... facebook apps, browser plugins, iPad/Android apps). And, enjoy rapidly building and discarding your own prototypes.


You must be an excellent programmer, holding a high bachelors/masters degree in computer science or equivalent from a top engineering university of your country. We're always willing to be surprised by you open source rock stars and renowned hackers, even if you are college dropouts.

Convince us you've got the smarts & attitude to join our team and we'll work hard at hiring & keeping you. Write to us at