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We officially launched Shufflr in the summer of 2010 and have been covered in the press a few times since.


Althea Takes on Ultimate Coder Challenge and Optimizes Shufflr* for the Ultrabook™

[ By Karen Marcus in Nov, 2012 ]

Althea Systems, creator of the Shufflr social video discovery app, recently updated the app for use with Microsoft’s forthcoming Windows 8* operating system and Ultrabook™ devices. These updates were consistent with Althea’s philosophy of ensuring cross-platform functionality for all users. Both updates presented opportunities to optimize Shufflr for the best possible user experience.

... the Shufflr team won the Intel® Ultimate Coder: Ultrabook™ Challenge.

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Shufflr Brings Its Social Video App To the iPad

[ By Anthony HA on Apr 05, 2012 ]

A startup called Althea Systems wants to reinvent the way we find videos online. Its app Shufflr is already available on desktops, the Web, iPhone, and Android, and today it’s launching on the iPad.

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Shufflr brings awesome social video app to iPad

[ By Robert Scoble on Apr 05, 2012 ] is in the crowded video discovery space, but if you watch the video you'll see that it has an interesting way to help you find better videos and set them up to watch on your various devices....

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Shufflr comes to the iPad, has big plans to make money

[ By Janko Roettgers on Apr 05, 2012 ]

Shufflr debuted its iPad app Thursday, bringing its signature “Daily Fix” of personalized videos to the tablet device. The social video discovery service is plugging into Facebook and Twitter to compile a kind of personalized daily program for each and every user, hoping to take the pain out of video discovery.

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We Want To Add 20 Million Users By 2013: Kishore AK, CEO, Althea Systems

[ By Anand Rai of on Mar 01, 2012 ]

Today, content discovery is the biggest challenge for websites providing digital content (like YouTube, Metacafe and Hulu, among others). YouTube, the biggest video-sharing site in the world, acknowledges the pain points and has recently redesigned its site to fix some of the issues. And this is where Althea Systems, a Bangalore-based video consumer technology startup, comes into the picture.

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Shufflr brings popular videos closer to you

[ DHNS, Deccan Herald on Mar 02, 2012 ]

Imagine getting access to videos from all over the web, even the social networking sites at one place without any hassles of browsing individual sites, searching for your preferred ones. Althea Systems, a June 2009 startup is the case in point. The company has one very simple objective, to get videos that matter to you.

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Get Your ‘Daily Fix’ of Videos on

[ By Riddhi of YourStory on Feb 17, 2012 ]

You wake up in the morning; pick up your iPad, tap an icon and your ‘Daily Fix’ of videos are right there waiting to be watched.Bangalore based startup, Althea Systems, has made this possible through, which wants to bring a method to the madness of discovering online video content.

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Trouble finding videos? here the videos will find you

[ By Shoba V of Indian Express on Feb 11, 2012 ]

In a second-floor office in Koramangala, Bangalore, where every surface is covered in scribbled code, a handpicked team of 20 is building a database of videos from hundreds of web sources and writing intelligent algorithms to “push” the most relevant ones to users.

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Indian start-up streams videos to your phone

[ By Chokkapan S of CyberMedia on Jan 24, 2012 ]

You might have watched popular viral videos on websites such as YouTube and ended up getting disappointed, when those turned out to be the sort you never liked.Imagine a solution that brings to you online video based on your personal preferences, apart from the trending ones. Here is one such in Shufflr, by Althea Systems.

Read More Curates Videos From Twitter Celebs

[ By Janko Roettgers of GigaOm on May 09, 2011 ]

Sometimes, it takes startups a few times to get it right. Case in point: Social video aggregator just rolled out a significant update that turns its platform into an interesting play on Twitter-powered video discovery...

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Top 5 Sites For Online Video Discovery

[ By Megan O'Neill on Nov 29, 2010 ]

These days video is being uploaded to YouTube at a rate of more than 35 hours per minute. At this rate it would be impossible to watch even a week’s worth of YouTube uploads in your lifetime. With so much online video to choose from, how do you decide what to watch? Here are five sites that have made it their business to help you discover online video that is relevant to you ...

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Another TV Guide for Web Video! But Shufflr Wants Your Friends to Do the Work

[ By Peter Kafka on Nov 16, 2010 ]

Smart people are sure that you’re going to watch more and more Web video from the comfort of your couch. But if that’s the case, how are you going to decide what to watch? The world of Internet video is exponentially bigger than the 500-channel universe you already have, and usually ignore, via your cable box. Who’s going to help you navigate that?...

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Althea's Shufflr Social Browser Launches

[ By Adam Wright on June 28, 2010 ]

Althea Systems' Shufflr, will launch today, another newcomer to the crowded lean back video browser space. It attempts to be an all-encompassing social video, search and recommendation engine in one platform. Called "Shufflefeed," it crawls the web ingesting video metadata in an attempt to make a smarter recommendation engine...

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Shufflr: Trending video, delivered to your desktop, beautifully

[ By Brad McCarty on June 9th, 2010 ]

We’re a social bunch, and we love videos. Shocking, I know. Granted, there are a lot of choices out there for watching video via the Internet, but Shufflr is taking things a few steps further. It’s not perfect (yet), but it’s really close.

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The Internet’s new channel guide

[ By Krish Raghav on Aug 11, 2010 ]

With hours of video uploaded on to the Internet every minute, a new start-up helps you answer the question—how do you find the stuff that’s interesting?

Indian Internet start-up Shufflr, run by Bangalore-based Althea Systems Inc., hopes to be like the of online video.

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Shufflr on Free Software Smackdown

[ By Kim Cavanaugh on may 17, 2010 ]

Kim Cavanaugh comes right back with a social media web AIR application where users can share information and discuss their favorite TV shows.

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Time to shuffle your video browsing

[ By Aabhas Sharma on July 12, 2010 ]

It’s time to move over YouTube, Metacafe and other online video-browsing portals; now, its Shufflr. If the thought of videos means YouTube to you, Bangalore-based Althea Systems’s video-browsing website,, aims to change the pattern of video-viewing for you.

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Online videos: A 24x7 obsession

[ By B Pradeep Nair on July 26, 2010 ]

With thousands of videos uploaded every minute on to dozens of websites, it has become a challenge for the user to find videos of her choice. Bangalore-based Althea Systems has launched an innovative video browser, called Shufflr.

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Social Recommendations Comes to Videos from Shufflr

[ By Ashish Sinha on July 8, 2010 ]

Did you know that 36,000 hours of videos are being uploaded on the web everyday?

With so much of noise, you need a signaling mechanism – and social recommendation (i.e. videos recommended by your social network) serves as a great filter.

Althea Systems, Bangalore based startup has launched (AIR app) that lets you discover, view, share & collect videos from all over the web.

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Video Browser Startup Parent Althea Systems Raises $3M; Plans, Monetization

[ By Nikhil Pahwa on July 6, 2010 ]

Althea Systems, a Bangalore based social video browser startup that launched its Adobe Air based application two months ago, has raised $3 million in Series A funding from an institutional venture capitalist, co-founder Rajnish R told MediaNama.

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