Transforming Online Video Experiences

The way we find & consume media on the web is changing. At Althea, we see ourselves at the epicenter of this transformation with our products that enable online video discovery and consumption.


Bringing rich, personalized experiences to the web


Shufflr – The Social Video Service

Shufflr is a social video discovery service. Shufflr is available on your iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows8 and Facebook. People from over 160 countries are experiencing Shufflr everyday.

Shufflr is the new way to discover, watch and share videos on the web. It’s your single window into the vast online video universe. You can share videos with the world, follow people with similar tastes and see what they have been watching, bringing a Twitter like experience to video discovery.

Shufflr makes video suggestions based on users' social media footprints and viewing history. The social video feed makes it convenient for users to find out what their friends have been watching and the buzz feed keeps them clued in to what’s trending on the web. All of this along with its localised content, Shufflr brings a personalized-TV-like experience to online video.

Shufflr is a popular app on Facebook with over 260K likes (and counting), synthesising the best elements of this personalised experience in a seamless way to the users every day.

The ShuffleFeed Platform

ShuffleFeed is the video discovery platform that powers Shufflr. ShuffleFeed leverages the social web and smart technology to deliver an unmatched online video experience to consumers.

ShuffleFeed works silently on the internet cloud and crawls the web while the world sleeps. Its engines tirelessly synthesize social graphs, content semantics and online video meta-data to steer videos your way.

The platform quickly enables innovative video apps on websites, facebook, notebooks, phones, tablets, televisions etc. As video consumption proliferates from tethered devices like PCs and televisions to untethered devices like mobile phones and tablets, ShuffleFeed enables users to seamlessly shift from one device to another, maintaining the context and providing a consistent user experience.

We plan to open the platform to developers soon.